What is iPay Reliable Remittance Pvt. Ltd. (iPay Remit)?
iPay Remit is an easy fund transfer means,where anyone can transfer required amount of fund anywhere within a country and from abroad safely.

How can I transfer Money?
You will meet our Exchange Company at your destination abroad or our domestic agents and submit the amount of money and detail of beneficiary to them and then fill up a form;then you will get a voucher along with the Control Number.Now you are required to provide that control number given to you to your beneficiary(family,friends or anyone you desire),as they will receive the payment on the basis of control number.

Who can avail the services provided by Reliable International Remit ?
Any person who wants to make a payment (in foreign currency) to an individual in Nepal (in NPR) can avail the services of IRR.

Why would I want to use Reliable International Remit?
Because we guarantee safe and prompt transfer of your hard earned money at lowest cost.Money is transferred almost immediately even small amounts can be sent cost effectively. There is no charge at the receiving end so your beloved ones can just go to the respective agent and collect the money.

Can I Deposit Amount to any Bank or financial Institutions?
Yes,We have added facility of Account Deposit.This enables any remitter to directly deposit on their account of any banks or financial institutions.

Can I Open Account to deposit my money?
Yes, you can open an account with Reliable Finance and transmit your earnings directly to your account. There are different schemes of saving account at Reliable Finance with most attractive interest rates. For further details visit us at: www.reliableinv.com.

What are the charges levied for the remittance of fund?
The charge of Remittance through Reliable International Remit is cheaper than any other means of remittance.For more detail about charges you can contact to any of our branches or our agents.

When can I send the money?
You can send money through our principal offices and agents within office hours.