Ipay Reliable Remit is a premium online customer-focused and technology-driven Money Transfer service. The remittance system is designed for our geographically disbursed customers to help them in easy, convenient and safe money transfer anywhere in the world. The state of the art remittance system can be accessed through our website as well. Mentioned below are some of the salient features of our remittance service.

  • Large number of payment locations across the country in excess of 2500
  • 365 days service
  • Real time payment from international corridors
  • Direct bank account deposits

How it Works

The remitter will have options to either transfer the funds to the beneficiary against the identification document or can credit the customer's account maintained at any of the banks in Nepal.

The money is transferred on real time basis. The system automatically generates a unique Internal Control Number(ICN) for each transaction. Payment at the receivers end will be based on this unique ICN number.

  1. The remitter will be required make a request for fund transfer against cash deposit and he/ she is required to fill all details i.e. name, ID number, amount etc.
  2. All the above information provided by the remitter will be inputted to the system and upon approval of transfer the system will generate a unique ICN number, which will be provided to the remitter.
  3. The remitter needs to convey the ICN number to the beneficiary, upon receiving the ICN number the beneficiary needs to go to any of the nearest and convenient, iPay Remit payout location and claim the amount.
  4. iPay Remit's payout location, upon confirmation of ICN number and identification of beneficiary, will make the payment.
  5. For the payment to be credited to the account maintained at any of the banks in Nepal, payment details i.e. beneficiary's name, account number, bank/ branch name and amount etc.,will be required. Once these information's are inputted in the System, iPay Remit will arrange to make deposit to the beneficiary's account.
  6. Once the payment has been made i.e. either a/c credit or ID payment,a confirmation SMS of the same will be sent to the remitter.